a rebate of about $750
for every oregonian, every year…

The Oregon People’s Rebate is an initiative petition qualifying for the November 2022 election that will REBATE about $750 to every Oregonian , every year. This REBATE will go directly to anyone who spends more than 200 days in Oregon, regardless of age, income, or any other status.

“About $750” is an estimate – about 4 million Oregonians will share an equal part of about $3 billion of new revenue.

…After increasing the minimum tax of big wall st corporations doing business in Oregon

The revenue to fund the REBATE comes from increasing the minimum tax rate for big Wall Street corporations after $25 million of Oregon revenue to 3%. Currently, their minimum tax rate is less than 1%!

The increased minimum tax rate only impacts big Wall Street corporations doing business in Oregon – those that make more than $25 million a year, or over $68,493 every single day, of revenue in our state. It doesn’t matter where the business is based, just how much money they make in Oregon.

So, your favorite local shop won’t feel a thing, other than every single one of their customers having an extra $750!

It’s that simple. Let’s make it happen!

Request a signature sheet by mail!

(Or print & mail back your own 1-person signature sheet)

Request a signature sheet by mail for yourself and other active Oregon voters in your household and/or pandemic bubble!

  1. Only active Oregon voters may sign a petition. Ask each signer if they are an active registered voter in Oregon. Oregonians can quickly confirm (and update, if needed) their voter status at the Oregon Secretary of State.
  2. A single circulator must personally witness all signatures collected on any one signature sheet. After witnessing each signature on a sheet, use a pen to sign and date the circulator certification.
  3. Please return your signature sheet in the enclosed postage-paid return envelope within a week or 10 days of receiving it!


    Because there is no cavalry coming to save us,
    be part of our movement for direct democracy in Oregon!


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