BREAKING: Big Wall Street Corporations Don’t Want to Start Paying Their Fair Share (KATU Covers the OPR)

BREAKING: Big Wall Street Corporations Don’t Want to Start Paying Their Fair Share (KATU Covers the OPR)

The Oregon People’s Rebate has gathered thousands of signatures across 30 of Oregon’s 36 counties, getting a great reception from residents across the political spectrum. No matter anyone’s political affiliation, it is evident that Big Wall Street corporations aren’t paying their fair share of taxes. The Oregon People’s Rebate is working to invest in everyday Oregonians, as KATU covered:

“The money would come from an increase in taxes for corporations. Organizers with the initiative say companies that make more than $25 million a year in Oregon would have to pay 3% tax, instead of near 1% tax they currently pay.

“‘We’re talking Comcast, Nike, Apple, corporations like that will have their corporate tax rate increased on their profits over $25 million. Oregon has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the nation. This would put Oregon in the middle of the pack,’ explained Anthony Johnson, Political Director for Oregon People’s Rebate.

“According to Johnson, the tax increase would generate about $3 billion in revenue. With about 4 million people living in Oregon, that would equal out to around $750 per person.

“‘$750 dollars means a lot to a lot of people. For instance, my parents are on a fixed income. They make like $1000 a month in Social Security, $750 is a nice benefit to them, that is like getting an extra payment. For a lot of people, it’s an extra rent payment. For a family of four, that’s $3,000,’ said Johnson.”

Of course, Big Wall Street corporations are more concerned about their record-breaking profits, inflating stock prices for their shareholders, and increasing CEO salaries than helping Oregon. This campaign is really simple: What’s more important, you and every Oregonian that could use an extra $750 a year or corporate profits? If you are for uplifting everyday people, please join this historic movement and campaign.

KATU covered OPR
What’s more important, everyday Oregonians or corporate profits? (Thank you for the coverage KATU!)