Invite your friends to also sign!

Because of COVID-19, the best way to help gather more signatures is through relational organizing
(asking people you already know to help out doing something)

The current priority is collecting 1,000 signatures from across the state so that the Elections Division asks the Attorney General to draft a ballot title.

1. Please copy-and-text this message:

Hello! I recently signed the ballot initiative for the Oregon People’s Rebate (2022) and I think you should too! It will rebate about $750 to every Oregonian, every year. The money comes from the largest corporations doing business in Oregon. It’s easy, they mail you a signature sheet and postage-paid return envelope: Thank you! 

2. Text friends who you think will be supportive!

Or Tweet, FB Messenger, call, etc. as you normally would. Use your own voice, feel free to change the suggested message as you see fit.

3. If you need help answering any questions email or text/call us at (541) 243-2550.

4. Rejoice in your role as a leader for change and economic justice!

And, that’s it! It’s that simple.

Thank you so much, we are going to win because of what we do.