Oregon People’s Rebate 2022
Campaign Kickoff!

Spoiler alert: It will probably change your life. Really.

The Oregon People’s Rebate is a proposed initiative petition for the November 2022 election (IP 2022-006) that will REBATE about $750 to every Oregonian every year. This REBATE will go directly to anyone living in Oregon for more than 200 days of the year, regardless of age, income, or status.

The revenue to fund the REBATE is generated by increasing the minimum tax paid by huge corporations doing business in Oregon to 3%. Currently, the minimum tax for these huge corporations is less than 1%!

We are hosting two kickoff events on
Saturday, May 30th
10-11AM and again 2-3PM

(“Doors Open” 15 minutes before each kickoff for help with Zoom)

Register for the kickoff events!


    I'm in for Saturday, 5/30, at either 10AM or 2PM! Please send me the Zoom link!

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