Print a Signature Sheet for Multiple People

  1. Print double-sided, the multi-person signature sheet and full text of petition (3 pages double-sided) for the Oregon People’s Rebate. You must print the full text of the petition.
    • This signature sheet has to be printed double-sided on “normal” printer or copy paper. “Normal” white paper is exactly what you think it is (at least 20 pound, 8.5″ x 11″ letter-size, uncoated white paper). You also have to print the full text of the petition.
    • When “circulating” (asking other people to also sign the petition) you must:
      1. Read the “Instructions for Circulators” on the back of the signature sheet. Also, please see our own Instructions flyer.
      2. You must always have a copy of the full text of the petition with you so that signers can read it!
      3. Ask each signer if they are active registered voters in Oregon, because only active Oregon voters can sign! People can confirm that their voter status is “Active” at the Oregon Secretary of State. It takes less than 30 seconds, update if needed.
      4. Personally witness all signatures collected on your sheet and then complete the circulator certification at the bottom!
  2. After you and any other voters have signed, certify at the bottom and then mail your signature sheet (only the signature sheet, not the text of the petition) to:

Oregon People’s Rebate
P.O. BOX 750
Philomath, OR 97370

All of this can be a little confusing, so please consider participating in one of our Circulator Training zooms, every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 12-1PM.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us!