Rent Is Too Damn High!

Rent is too damn high

1. Rent is increasing all across the nation

As The Washington Post reported, rent is too damn high: 

“Rental prices across the country have been rising for months, but lately the increases have been sharper and more widespread, forcing millions of Americans to reassess their living situations.

“Average rents rose 14 percent last year, to $1,877 a month, with cities like Austin, New York and Miami notching increases of as much as 40 percent, according to real estate firm Redfin. And Americans expect rents will continue to rise — by about 10 percent this year — according to a report released this month by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. At the same time, many local rent freezes and eviction moratoriums have already expired.

“Higher rent prices are also expected to be a key driver of inflation in coming months. Housing costs make up a third of the U.S. consumer price index, which is calculated based on the going rate of home rentals.”

2. Oregonians are certainly being hit by increased rent costs

Portland has experienced the 10th largest rent hike among major metropolitan areas, the highest upswing on the West Coast. Increased rent costs in the Rose City then force people to move into other communities, who then see their housing costs go up as well.

3. Oregonians are certainly being hit by increased rent costs

Rebating $750 to every Oregonian, $3,000 to a family of four, can certainly help everyday people pay their rent. No one knows how you should spend those dollars better than you.
Yes, rent is too damn high and that’s not the only problem with our economy. Everyday Oregonians are being squeezed by today’s economy and wages aren’t keeping up. While corporate propagandists demonize programs like the Oregon People’s Rebate, it’s easy to see that the status quo isn’t working. Thankfully, Oregon has an opportunity to help uplift all of us.